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The company specializes in logistics and transport solutions in road transport.

Road transport is the main activity of the company.

With road transport in Europe, we offer our customers fast, reliable and well-executed services. By oving in technology and rolling stock ovlessly, we are ensuring competitiveness within the European Union market.

Why choose us?
•We offer reliability and flexibility for the customer,
• employees are able to communicate abroad,
• good knowledge of the target area,
• our vehicles are environmentally friendly (EURO6),
• reliable and modern fleet.

With modern vehicles and high quality services we create high value for our customers.Constantly investing in vehicle technology allows for reduction of emissions in the environment.We constantly educate our employees to offer the most optimal solutions for our clients.Our business is based on the long-term satisfaction of our clients, employees and the environment in which we operate.

We will continue to provide reliable, accurate and affordable services.We will find a solution for all our subscribers’ ideas.

Our story

The history of the Geltar transport way dates back to the early 1960s. The pioneer of the trucking craft was Stanislav Geltar, who in the 1960s first carried out transport with horses, later with a tractor, and in 1965 bought the first truck.

In 1992, Jernej took over his father’s truck and opened his own s.p., and continued his work.

Today, the company owns eight trucks.

In 2021, the company was restructured into a limited liability company.